864 Schooner Dr. Unit 103 Ventura, CA 93001

Stepping Stone


Art series by Oxnard-based artist Gerardo Segismundo. Half of the series is a collaboration with acrylic pour artist, Mitchelle Manalo.

* This exhibit is no longer on display in the gallery.


Acrylic and Ink


Art is Passion Gallery
864 Schooner Dr. #103
Ventura, CA 93001

Artist Details
Artist Details
Mixed Media Artist

Gerry Segismundo was born in the Philippines. His interest and passion in art became apparent in his earliest days of childhood where he started painting birds and landscapes in watercolor. Stemming from the influence of talented parents and blessed by grandparents and great grandparents who are both artistically and musically inclined, he drew well from an early age and was naturally gifted. Gerry has studied in the field of psychology, psychiatric nursing and medicine while polishing his aesthetic skills under the guidance and tutoring of distinctive, accomplished artists in the Philippines including his cousin national artist Lito Mayo, realist painter Teodorico Cumagon Jr., and famous portrait artist Henry Dizon. While working as a psychiatric nurse, he continued to further enhance his skills in Los Angeles through extensive formal training in figure painting and gesture drawing under Samuel Goffredo, impressionism and abstraction under Renee Amitai.

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