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Branding and Marketing



Logos, Event Flyers, Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, Product Packaging, Magazine Ads, Menus, Interior and Exterior Signage... and everything in between.


Print design is $75 per hour and does not include the price of printing. A recommendation for quality low cost printing can be provided along with print ready assets per the printer specifications. A set estimate for a particular project can also be provided upon request.


Designs can be turned around in as little as one day depending on the scope of work and client feedback. The actual product printing depends on the printer turn-around but is typically a couple days to one week. Expedited shipping is usually available if need be.

Personal & Corporate


Web Design & Development

Whether you need a brand new website, to redesign an existing website, or just want to update and maintain your current website you're in good hands. A WordPress website or other content management solution will make it easier for you to make content updates on your own, and save money in the long run.


Website design and development is $75 per hour. We can also work out a monthly maintenance package or a set estimate for a particular project based on the scope of work.


The quickest way to get a website up and running or updated is to clearly define all of the content that needs to be added to the website up front, along with any product or brand images. Here is a handy guide that can help you with that process and streamline the project.

Residential and Commercial



Art is Passion is local to Ventura, California. Travel for jobs outside of Ventura or Santa Barbara Country can be arranged with paid expenses.


Murals pricing is $30 per square foot with a $500 minimum per job. There is also a $200 design fee due up front.


The design and planning phase typically takes a few days to complete depending on client feedback. The mural painting itself depends on the size and location of the mural but you can expect it to take between 1 to 5 days.

Custom Vinyl



All designs are created in Adobe Illustrator and made in house with a vinyl stencil cutter and a 15" heat press.


For orders with a quantity lower than 10 the pricing is $30 per shirt and $45 per sweatshirt. For bulk orders of 10+ the pricing depends on the number of colors and sizing. Shirts range between $25 and $28 and sweatshirts range between $40 and $43. For Glow in the Dark there is an up-charge of $5 per item.


The timing depends on the apparel brand and wholesale supply. I have worked with many different brands and American Apparel is by far my favorite. Unfortunately their supply is currently low with a majority of wholesalers. Most apparel can be turned around in as quickly as 2 to 3 days.

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