Original painting on canvas/newsprint. A narwhal (aka the unicorn of the sea) embodies fantasy and beauty as well as freedom. I used local phonebook pages to collage the background for this piece. If you live in Marina del Rey and are in the beginning of the alphabet your phone number might be featured!



Moonlit Deer

Original painting on canvas. I love silhouettes and splatters of chaos. There’s a sense of mystery and power within the shadows. It places the eye in the beholder. Imagine what you will.



Jim Morrison

Original painting on canvas. Jim Morrison was a talented soul, taken from the earth at a mere 27 years old. It’s crazy to imagine not existing, not having the opportunity to live your life to the fullest. Although his cause of death is unknown he was a well known substance abuser. So many people turn to substances and lose sight of reality. I wish more people would embrace being true and honest with themselves.



Sunflower Skull

Original painting on canvas. The sunflower is commonly associated with warmth, positivity, longevity and happiness. A reminder to always stand tall and follow your dreams. I’m a sun worshiper and a strong believer in looking on the brighter side of life.



Candy Crush

Original painting on canvas. The jellyfish is a symbol of faith and intuition. Jellyfish cannot move on their own and have to trust the wind will guide them in the right direction. A lesson to let things happen on their own and trust that everything will work out in the end.




Original painting on recycled frame. A complex invertebrate flowing freely through the vast ocean, skilled in the art of color change. It’s amazing creatures like the octopus that make me appreciate the beautiful life we live.



Gorilla Vibes

Original painting on cardboard. I’ll be honest Gorillas scare me… but they are amazing and unfortunately an endangered species. I literally cried watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes and had to turn it off part way. I don’t think animals should be held captive against their will. Especially if it’s for something as heartless as money. There is a huge issue globally with poaching and captivity that desperately needs our attention. I truly hope that one day human kind will learn to respect wide life and mother nature.




Original painting on canvas. Whenever I’ve shown this piece at art events it speaks especially to the little ones. It sparks creativity, excitement and wonder in their tiny faces. The color purple is associated with mystery and imagination as it rarely occurs in nature. Let your inner spirit run free.



The After Life

Blue skull original painting on cardboard. I’ve always been fascinated by death and the after life. Every day feels like a delicate gamble with darkness. Everyone is dying trying to beat the clock.



Bob Marley

Original painting on canvas with antique wood frame. I grew up listening to Bob Marley. His music instills hope in lost souls and stands up to a fight we all share… a struggle for peace and unity. May his legend live on.