About the Art Original painting on canvas.


A complex invertebrate flowing freely through the vast ocean, skilled in the art of color change. It's amazing creatures like the octopus that make me appreciate the beautiful life we live.

Desert Fox

The fox symbolizes fortune, luck and opportunity. This desert fox has quite the grin despite the heat and isolation of it's surrounds. The bright colors represent the fox's creativity and cleverness.

Space Bird

About the Art Original painting on canvas. White birds symbolize positive changes.


To see a bull in your dream symbolizes stubbornness, strong will, strength, and power. We may not show it on the outside but we all have a little fight in us. All it takes is one person to make a difference… I want to be that one.


A narwhal (aka the unicorn of the sea) embodies fantasy and beauty as well as freedom. I used local phonebook pages to collage the background for this piece. If you live in Marina del Rey and are in the beginning of the alphabet your phone number might be featured!


A dreamcatcher filters out bad dreams and only lets good dreams through the web. This painting was completed the day my cat was hit by a car before I knew she had been hit. Although it felt like a bad dream it was her destiny. I embrace the good times and memories we shared.

No Worries

Geometric Bear. Bears symbolize strength and confidence. Ironically this bear looks a little spooked. Friendly reminder ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’


About the Art Original painting on canvas.

Red Parrot

About the Art Original painting on canvas.