864 Schooner Dr. Unit 103 Ventura, CA 93001

Color Evolution


Spray paint art series by Ventura-based artist Jacob Malave.

* This exhibit is no longer on display in the gallery.


Spray Paint on Canvas


Art is Passion Gallery
864 Schooner Dr. #103
Ventura, CA 93001

Artist Details
Artist Details

I’ve been an artist since I was in elementary school, however, it wasn’t this sort of art I began with. Music was my main passion of interest; I started with guitar than picked up piano, bass guitar and even trumpet in middle school. High school was my experimentation era when I started picking up classes like film and digital photography. I have a whole archive of visual and audio art from canvases and cover art concepts to beats and lyrics. As a creative i've realized you never stop learning and you never stop growing; only if you allow yourself.

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