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Big Sur


Big Sur limited edition giclee print series by Ventura-based artist Steve Love.

* This is exhibit is no longer on display in the gallery but the artwork is still available for purchase.


Oil Painting
Giclee Print


Art is Passion Gallery
864 Schooner Dr. #103
Ventura, CA 93001


  Many of my paintings and Giclee prints are in private and corporate collections. Oil paint is the primary medium and I always work on stretched canvas. The painting techniques that I use are dry brush, spot glazing, glazing, wet into wet, wet over dry paint, and many thin layers of paint which give the painting a natural and lifelike appearance, I draw and sketch landscapes and seascapes from life and do on location studies for each painting. I spend time outdoors swimming, surfing, fishing, hiking, sailing, watching sunsets in the wide open spaces, and encountering countless wonders of nature.  

– Steve Love

Artist Details
Artist Details
Oil Painter

I have been painting all of my life. The images I paint are often inspired by what I see and feel when visiting the Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and Ventura coasts. I photograph constantly, but generally will use an original reference photo as a guide, allowing it to remind me of the beauty, wonder, and mystery of nature.

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