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Dhyana Zagri

Artist Details

Dhyana Zagri is a highly skilled, self taught artist. Whether painting, illustrating or working in leather and fabrics, she creates beautiful and unique pieces. Currently working on a series of wave paintings, developed during her time living in Hawaii, these images are inspired by the power and beauty of the ocean. Bright colors are used to create an emotional connection to the energies. Dhyana also has a collection of paintings inspired by her interest in Tibetan Buddhist art. Deities and dragons, Goddesses and Demons, they are powerful depictions of the incredible understanding of Buddhist imagery. Accomplished as an illustrator, Dhyana has created beautiful, realistic images of her spirit animal, the horse. Whether done in pen and ink or painted, she depicts the power, grace and personality of this magnificent creature. Also skilled in many crafts, Dhyana creates beautiful leather bags with hand cut fringe and beading. She has designed and created costumes for cosplay, Renn Fairs and Halloween.

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Splash of Color

Dhyana Zagri

In Canvas Art Posted

Colorful series of wave paintings inspired by the power and beauty of the ocean.

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