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Clement Leonardo

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Clay Artist

I was about 15 years old when I first started working with clay. My art teacher inspired me to apply and be accepted right out of high school into the School For American Craftsmen at RIT in Rochester New York. After getting my BFA in clay I thought OK i'll be an artist in my own studio. Being 20ish and not knowing anything about life I soon realized I was lonely working by myself and very unhappy. So the young me got out of clay and learned all about making a life with exciting friends and new adventures. I've had many art related jobs, everything from doing display in a six story department store to designing event spaces for parties and working in the floral arts. In the end Art School worked out great because it taught me how to use my design eye and gave me a base to create a well rounded happy life. Fast forward to being 59 and missing clay and finally having enough money to set up a studio and here I am. I'm now in my 60's and making clay and could not be happier.

Gallery Exhibitions

To the Moon and Back

Clement Leonardo

In Sculpture Posted

Eccentric clay vase, bowl and sculpture by Los Angeles-based clay artist Clement Leonardo.

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