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Brad Sevy

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Storm Chaser

Ever since I was in Jr. High School I had a camera in my hand. Maybe it’s because my parents were the Photographers at the Spade Cooley Ballroom on the Santa Monica Pier in the ‘50’s, or maybe because I had a darkroom built in my bedroom bathroom. Photography has always been part of my life. I graduated from College with a Photo-Journalism degree. One spring evening when I was in Kansas City, I got caught in a Tornado Warned Storm. The weathermen showed, to the minute, when it would start raining and where the storm was. Then at that exact time it started pouring like I had never seen in my life. I had to learn about it. I learned how to spot a storm, how to read a radar, where to position myself in a storm so I’d be safe and how to get the best pictures of that natural wonder.

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Edge of the World

Brad Sevy

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Storm chasing series by Los Angeles-based photographer Brad Sevy.

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