864 Schooner Dr. Unit 103 Ventura, CA 93001

Betsy Laban

Artist Details
I was born in the Los Angeles area, which is where my husband Mike and I lived until 2022, and where we raised our daughter. My path led to me to teaching yoga for 20 years. When Covid took away my ability to teach in person, I needed a distraction. With no formal training I began by painting silly little cats. My husband SCUBA dives and takes underwater pictures. One day he brought home a Garibaldi photo that he had taken. It was so beautiful. I just had to try painting it. And so my love, and obsession, of painting underwater life began. Octopus are interesting, beautiful, inelegant beings and are by far my favorite subjects to paint. In July 2022, my husband and I relocated to the beautiful city of Ventura where we live with our cat and 13 year old Golden Doodle. I am still teaching yoga, and I paint in my home studio. I only hope that the joy I experience when I'm painting these beautiful creatures touches the hearts of others.

Gallery Exhibitions

Spices of the Sea

Betsy Laban

In Canvas Art Posted

Underwater octopus and jellyfish art series by Ventura-based artist Betsy Laban.

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