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I'm a Los Angeles based artist focused on art that motivates others and brings light to positive change. My goal as an artist is to raise awareness on issues like Black Lives Matter, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, and Self Love.

I strongly believe that art makes the world a better place and has the power to change lives. Murals are one of my favorite art forms as they have a large impact and can be admired by everyday people.

I decided to become an artist when I was eleven years old. I saw a Coca-Cola polar bear commercial and was blown away. From that day on anytime I was asked what do you want to be when you grow up I quickly said "Graphic Artist." To be honest I had no idea what that entailed; I just knew that I loved art and if I could make art for a living I was all for it.

Fast forward a couple decades and here I am. I've been a professional web developer and designer for 13 years and counting. I love what I do and learn something new every day. I'm constantly pushing my own boundaries with different creative outlets. Recently I took up spray painting and have been practicing my skills in the big outdoors. I've always been obsessed with street art so creating murals is a dream come true.


I love taking pictures everywhere I go, especially when I'm out on hikes and enjoying nature. I frequently visit art walks and art galleries to soak in all the amazing talent. Talking to other artists about their techniques motivates me to try new things and stay challenged. My environment plays a huge role in all of my art.

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I'm always excited for new opportunities & collaborations! Send me an email or just say Hello.


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