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Ventura based artist focused on art that motivates others and brings light to positive change.

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  I started Art is Passion to spread love, happiness and creativity. Art connects people on so many levels. I want to help build that bridge and bring people together. Murals are my favorite art form but I also enjoy creating digital art and illustration.  

– Allyn Beth Brown

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Founder and Lead Artist :: Art is Passion

Environment plays a huge role in all of my art. My goal as an artist is to raise awareness on issues like Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Black Lives Matter, and Self Love. Talking to other artists about their techniques motivates me to try new things and stay challenged.

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Oil Painter

I have been painting all of my life. The images I paint are often inspired by what I see and feel when visiting the Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and Ventura coasts. I photograph constantly, but generally will use an original reference photo as a guide, allowing it to remind me of the beauty, wonder, and mystery of nature.

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Clay Artist

After many many years and many careers I'm finally back to my first love of creating in clay.

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For Kimberly Davis, every painting is its own little journey. A native of Oxnard without formal training, Davis has honed her craft alongside the city itself – friends, family, diversity in her community, and the beauty of the surrounding nature have all contributed to an emerging artistic sensibility. Her early works varied in form and function; from collage assemblages in open-call exhibitions to public murals at local high schools. Landscapes and other works inspired by nature soon followed. Today, pour-painting finds itself at the fore of the artist’s style.

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Painter :: Curtis the Artist

Curtis Stokes is an artist, a SoCal native, specializing in larger than life artwork, black light, and invisible black light painting.

Art Projects

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  • Black Lives Matter
  • Gender Equality
  • Murals
  • Self Love
  • Women Empowerment
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