top dogs


missy - dog of the month

In 2007, Missy was acquainted with the home and family she would one day rule over. This mixed Chihuahua pup quickly gained the love and admiration of her humans by her small stature and overall cuteness. She enjoys an abundance of food and warmth. She seeks those who can fulfill either of these needs. Her appearance has aided her in manipulating her humans to do her bidding, for they are helpless to her doe eyes and false crying. Seven years later, Missy has continued to relish in her position as Queen Bee. She has firmly asserted her dominance over not one, but four fully grown Pit Bulls. They dare not disturb her.


rambo - dog of the month

This month's top dog is a very special one. Rambo has been missing for nearly two weeks from his loving mother in Bloomfield, New Mexico :( As you can see from his picture he's a sweet little pup and means the world to his family and friends. Please keep Rambo and his mother in your thoughts and hope that he returns home safely.


boo - dog of the month

Boo is an adorable little chihuahua that loves to play dress up and has quite the wardrobe :) This hip fashionista is also the mother of two. When she's not out running the block, Boo stays home with her daughter Winnie (fashion star in the making). The mother daughter pair love to play fight and battle over who has the cutest outfit.


princess - dog of the month

Princess is a frisky, inquisitive, chewy, and loving puppy that was rescued from the Fresno SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She loves to run around, chase her toys, play tug-of-war, keep watch and bark at passerbys. She's part dachshund and part terrier which explains her lively and playful personality. She's a mere 20 pounds yet has quite the pull and loads of energy. With Princess there's never a dull moment which is why she makes such a great companion!


dutch - dog of the month

Dutch is a one year old German Sheppard mix who has a sweet heart and a very mischievous personality. He loves to run around the yard and find things to chew on including the deck railings, garden sculptures, and handmade wooden benches. He also has an infinity for skunks which is why he sleeps in a kennel at night! He was rescued at three months old along with his brother Dallas, they were from a litter of ten that were left one night in an animal shelter storage area.

Dutch is super loving, he gives kisses willingly to feet, face and his siblings ears. He loves to bark at the cats (there are five in his family) which is a problem being dealt with successfully but he is stubborn! Dutch is such a joy and behaves when he needs to. He is always there at the gate to welcome family or visitors. He is supposed to be a watch dog, but has never met a human he doesn't like and want to befriend. Will he grow into it?... I hope so!


sheeba - dog of the month

Sheeba is a 12 year old dalmatian with a loving disposition. She's very affectionate and loves attention... she won't take no for an answer ;) Unfortunately she suffers from arthritis in her right rear hip. This doesn't stop her from having a young spirit and always staying happy. When Sheeba was 8 years old her owner moved into a retirement home and couldn't take her along. Luckily she was adopted to a forever home where she has a huge ranch to explore.


colby - dog of the month

Colby was rescued while wandering the streets of East Los Angeles. He was only a month old yet had more fleas and flea bites than he'd seen meals. Now at 11 months old Colby is nearly 70 Lbs! Colby! For beating intercity odds.... For managing that huge head at your young age... For the "what did i do?" face, you make after chewing things not meant for chewing... And especially for not knowing, there is a time and a place for animals of your giant size to play... You deserve to be this month's dog.. or in your case "Animal Of The Month!" Congratulations!!


ollie - dog of the month

When it comes to puppies, you've got cute, you've got adorable, and then you've got Oliver. Half Jack Russell Terrier (terrorizer?), half Dachshund, full 5-hour energy, "Ollie" was rescued about a year ago and he's been melting hearts ever since. Sweet, playful and super smart, Oliver knows about 20 English words and is learning more by the day. Ollie would like to take this opportunity to practice some of those new words now. Ollie, the floor is yours...

Ruff, woof, bark bark. [Loosens collar, clears throat]. Ah, much better. So, I'll bet you some kibble you've never seen an all white wiener-dog before, well, all white except for the heart-shaped spot on my back. The ladies love a tatted-up terrier, what can I say? When I'm not chasing squirrels, my tail, or tail in general you can find me on a nature hike or perusing for toys at the local Petco. My ideal dog day afternoon consists of a long walk, multiple belly rubs and a hot bubble bath followed by a bootlegged copy viewing of All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Then of course it's back to the daily grind of 'eat-poop-eat-sleep-poop' and whatever else comes along with being the world's most popular pup. This includes my pending "pawsuit" against the film "Oliver & Company" for name copyright infringement that I've been informed by my lawyer Johnny Dachshund not to discuss. You know what they say, it's a Dog Eat Dog World. Can I get a treat now?


sumo - dog of the month

Sumo is a loving pit bull from San Francisco, California. At first glance he looks kinda mean but once you get to know him he definitely has a heart of gold. Sumo's favorite activity is swimming... if you take him to a lake he will swim forever :) He also loves going to the beach and playing with other dogs. He's super sweet and friendly. He also enjoys sitting on dogs hehe.


books - dog of the month

"Books" spends his mornings learning foreign languages by using Rosetta Stone. He spends his afternoons basking in the sun, evenings patrolling the property for caterpillars then spends his nights tucked away deep into his blankets. He's a 7 years young, Toy fox terrier/chi mix. Books has the energy of a jackrabbit and the speed of a one foot tall Gazelle... seemingly a "Jock" yet Books is also a member of NERDASSOCIATION, OK NOT, but he could be if he wasn't this cool.

He keeps his little 12 pound "mini Italian greyhound-like" figure with lots of exercise and by being an extremely picky eater, eats about 10 and a half pieces of kibble per meal. Concerned with "Colby" his recently rescued little friend's astonishing rate of growth, Books gives whats left of his meals to the 50 pound, 5 month old pitbull terrier puppy (Book's muscle in training? oh you betcha!)

Books has also lived with and helped with the care of many other found pets during our time together... stray or lost kittens, a random canary, puppies, dogs 10 times larger than he, dogs five times hairier than he and even one happy turtle half his size.

Books is the most easy going,  most tender and most loving little guy in the history of. "BOOKS... For being my most amazing friend and not knowing you're a dog, let alone a small long legged dog... you deserve pet of the month, LOVE YOU BUDDY!"

- Ever

chi chi

chichi - dog of the month

Chi Chi is a Rat Terrier born and raised in East LA (not sure if its really East but sounds awesome to say)! She deserves this award because she lives with two boys which must be disastrous (ewww boys!!!). She's the tiniest little dog and loves to curl up into a little ball and sleep on the couch. Pictured on the right at the beach she loves running around in huge circles. I think Chi Chi would make a great circus dog. She knows how to play dead! shake hands :) and high five. Chi Chi is very smart and a total sweetheart.


king - dog of the month

King was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. His owners drove two hours to the nearest pet store in search of a pug and there he was. A cute little ball of joy. Only 8 weeks old at the time he could barely reach the front door step when they took him home. Little did he know his "home" would soon be torn apart. All couples aren't made to last. :( After King's owners decided to part ways little King was left with his grandparents. Though his owner was sad to leave him behind he knew he'd be safe and loved with his parents. King has been spoiled indeed with treats galore and lots of hugs.


duke - dog of the month

Becoming a Guide Dog takes a very special combination of health, skill and behavioral soundness. The standards at Guide Dogs for the Blind are extremely high, and not all dogs are cut out for it. Dogs that don't quite qualify as Guide Dogs are called "career change" dogs. Duke is a career change dog who was adopted by one of the loving volunteers at Guide Dogs for the Blind. He has a sweet and spunky personality that will steal your heart. Duke was not accepted as a Guide Dog due to allergies and elbow dysplasia. Luckily his parents take very special care of him.


chewie - dog of the month

My name is Chewie, short for Chewbacca... yes the wookie. My other siblings were named after Star Wars names as well such as Yoda, Amidala, Anakin, and Jabba. I miss them! I was the chubbiest puppy and quite calm the first day my family took me home for adoption when I was only 8 weeks old. Little did they know that I'm actually quite crazy! You know that song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley? That's my theme song.

I am part german shepherd and chow with nice velvety jowls that enjoy a good stretch from time to time. My tail has been known to make a good fan during the hot summer days as well as knocking over cups. "Wooor" is the sound of my bark and that's what I say to greet people when I'm behind the door. At parties I like to lick beer bottles, but don't tell my owner that! I can also curl up into a compact ball which I like to refer it to as "Chewie Ball."

I'm now 2 and a half years old and have proudly been taking care of my owner ever since I was adopted. Don't tell him that though, because he thinks he's the one taking care of me.


terra - dog of the month

Terra was adopted from the Humane Society in Seattle, Washington when she was 4 months old by a woman named Jody. Terra, who is now 11 years old, is Jody's very best friend. Terra's mix is unknown. Most people think that she is part wolf. Jody thinks she's a mix of Shepard, Husky, and Border Collie - she has the most beautiful tail. Through no fault of her own, Terra is quite spoiled and tends to be very vocal to get what she wants when she wants it. Jody feels very lucky to have found such a perfect fit in Terra - they share many of the same interests such as hiking, walking, going to the beach, watching movies, and most importantly -- cuddling!


taz - dog of the month

Taz is a 1 year old Blue Brindle Pitbul with a heart of gold. Don't let his handsome looks fool you... unlike most handsome individuals he is sweet, gentle, and caring. He loves to play tug-of-war, chew on shoes and eat sticks (you know all the things puppies enjoy). Ironically he is petrified of the water. If you take Taz to the beach he will literally burry himself in the sand. Overall Taz is a very loving pet and has always been friendly with people and other animals.


raji - dog of the month

Raji is a wonderful Dalmatian with a very gentlemanly temperament. His father was a very large black and white Dalmatian named Splash, and his mother a brown and white Dalmatian named Brandy. Both are very physically fit, affectionate and people loving dogs. I have been told that Dalmatians are mean and skittish by many people, however my own experiences with Dalmatians have led me to differ.

Raji started out as a gift to my daughter, Allyn Beth, but very quickly bonded with me. He responded immediately to all my cooing, petting and loving. During the day Raji would stay in our small backyard, then at night I would I let him in the house and he would sleep at the foot of my bed.

Raji never complained, but needless to say, when we left the city life and moved to a 6.5 acre spread in the Gold Country, he became happier than he could have ever imagined.  He runs across the hills down to the pond (he only gets his feet wet). He chases rabbits and various critters. He loves to be hugged by putting his paws on your shoulders. He LOVES to go for rides in the truck. He drags his blanket everywhere so he can curl up in comfort. He loves to bark at the donkeys and is the ultimate gentleman when we have company, people or pets. He has a deep bark so is a good watchdog, but he has not ever harmed anyone or anything (except the cushions from our patio furniture!)

He has brought me so much joy and warmth, and contributes to my well being. When I look in his eyes and see how much he loves me, it makes me feel good inside.

- Paula Hemmen


askum - dog of the month

Askum is the September Dog of the Month. Askum has earned this title for his good looks and friendly attitude. This friendly little dog is 10 years old and still going strong. As a puppy Askum was one of many dogs without a home. Luckily Askum was adopted by a loving family who still takes care of him today.


ellie - dog of the month

Ellie is a 2 year-old Dachshund. She became part of our little family on August 17, 2005. Earlier that month, Ellie was found running around Fremont's Mission district and was taken to the Fremont Animal Shelter. Meanwhile my wife Rona and I had been looking to adopt a dog for several months. We had looked in animal shelters all over the Bay Area with no luck. The Dogs we had considered were either too big, aggressive, or someone else had already adopted them.

Then on a hot summer day (August 5th) I decided to visit the Fremont Animal Shelter. I checked every single available kennel and 20 minutes before closing there was Ellie. She was sitting in the corner of the kennel, scared, with the biggest puppy eyes. As soon as I entered the Kennel area, Ellie began jumping and barking as loud as she could. She came up to the fence and began licking my hands. Immediately I called Rona, and as soon as she answered I shouted "Honey I found the perfect dog for us!" I then ran towards the front desk to adopt Ellie immediately.

Unfortunately the Officer at the front desk explained that Ellie (back then the "Brown Weenie Dog" for lack of a name) had just been found and was on a 2 week hold designed to give the owners enough time to find her. The officer also explained that the “Brown Weenie Dog” had a broken leg and needed a veterinarian examination before she would be available for adoption. I completed all the paper work and was told to return in two weeks to check on her adoption and medical condition.

The very next day Rona and I visited Ellie, and every day after for the next two weeks. Finally on August 15th I received a call at work form the Animal Shelter, Ellie was officially up for adoption and apparently the broken leg was just a badly fused bone. That Same evening Rona and I decided to call the “Brown Weenie Dog” Ellie, and two days later she came to be the happiest dog we ever had. Ellie now lives in a loving environment and loves to play with all of her best friends: Spider, Coco, Askum, Maggie, Milo, and Charlie.