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Monday -- September 30, 2013
This past month has brought both happiness and tragedy to those around me. An important reminder how important it is to live life to the fullest. We never know what the future holds which is why I like to stay positive and appreciate life. Whether you're going through good times or bad just remember how lucky we are to live and breathe :)

Speaking of living life to the fullest have you seen any street art lately? I have a fascination for street art :) Perhaps it's the fact that it usually consists of something unique and massive. I'm always on the lookout for new mind blowing creations and just found my street art mecca! Unurth Street Art has street art from all across the globe. It's truly amazing how wide spread the art movement is regardless of who, what and where.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Susannah Kay
Susannah Kay Photography Susannah Kay is a photo journalist based in Athens, Ohio. I love how her work captures a serene sense of reality. Capturing just the right moment is a tremendous gift and even more so being able to share the moment with others. Check out some of her inspiring portraits online.

Susannah Kay Photography

Halloween DIY
20 Great DIY Halloween Decorations Do it Yourself Costumes & Decorations
Halloween is right around the corner! My favorite holiday of the year :) If you haven't thought about costumes or just want a good laugh check out these 30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY. If you're really feeling festive I found a neat site with 20 Great DIY Halloween Decorations.

Zed1 is a street artist from Italy. His works are full of creativity and mind bending visuals. Check out his website for more unique characterizations!

Artist Zed1

Kan Wakan Music
Based in Los Angeles Kan Wakan has a mellow, instrumental new age feel. Their music reminds me of an enchanted musical forest :) Spread the LA love...

Kan Wakan Music

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