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California PoppyCalifornia Girls
Friday -- September 16, 2011
This month my newsletter goes out to all the females in California. This wonderful golden state was formed September 9, 1850 so we need to represent. Despite the fact that 30 other states came before us we're still the most popular! Sorry boys the song is called 'California Girls' so we take the cake ;) You all know we're unforgettable.

Who Says Hoola Hoops Are for Kids?
Hoopnotica.comI recently discovered the most awesome workout routine ever! If you haven't heard of Hoopnotica you're seriously missing out. I can't wait to be a hoopdance master :) It not only gives a great workout, it's super fun and amazing to watch. Check out a sample video and I'm sure you'll be hooked in no time. I've already learned how to hoop in circles, walk while hooping, hoop around my lower hips, and above my head. Trust me you'll amaze yourself!

Handmade with HOPE
Ember Arts Handmade Jewelry
If you're looking for a special unique gift for a friend or family member check out The jewelry is handmade by women in Uganda using recycled paper and plastic. It's not only beautiful, it helps support a great cause. Show that 'California Girl' you care :)

Ember Arts Handmade Jewelry

Using Creativity to Wake the Sleeping World
Artwork by Lindsay CarronLast month I had the pleasure of attending Chalk LA's Art for $ale Show. Be sure to check out the video from the event. There were so many amazing artists it was overwhelming!

I fell in love with the artwork featured to the right by Lindsay Carron. She takes art activism to a whole new level organizing artists, galleries, and volunteering for nationally recognized Fountain Art Fair, teaching art activism workshops for kids. Some of my favorite pieces are the custom board designs featured on her website. Be sure to check it out and show some love. Venice Beach represent :)

Cruising in MARINA DEL REY
Hornblower Cruises & Events
Hornblower Cruises & EventsI had some friends visit for the Labor Day Holiday. It was quite the adventure! We strolled through Venice Beach, walked the Venice Canals, had a fancy dinner cruise in the Marina del Rey Harbor, sailed the Pacific Ocean and ended the weekend with a pleasant bike ride to Santa Monica. Talk about a long weekend :) That's how us 'California Girls' roll hehe.

Seismic Void
Ambient / Experimental / Metal

Seismic Void

I met one of the members from Seismic Void at the Art for $ale Show in Venice Beach. They have a couple of songs online if you'd like to check them out. What really caught my attention was a necklace they were wearing that showcased the band logo. A neat idea to get your message out there!

Forks Over Knives
A Film that Can Save Your Life

Forks Over Knives

Last month I promoted the California Burrito and this month I'm promoting Forks Over Knives... I must sound like a major hypocrite! Hey I've been enlightened what can I say :) Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and I know a few people who've had a triple heart bypass so I need to spread the word. I'm not switching completely to a whole foods plant based diet but I have changed my eating habits drastically. Let the battle against processed foods begin! The movie is available free on Netflix so be sure to check it out.

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