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Wednesday -- October 31, 2012
Happy Halloween! Halloween is finally here... my favorite holiday of the year! Luckily there's no chocolate in my office or I'd be in big trouble :) I hope everyone is dressed up and ready for some fun. Tonight I'll be attending a Spooktacular Halloween Party to benefit FORTE Animal Rescue.

This month I completed a website redesign for Art is Passion. If you haven't seen the new look be sure to check it out! I even created a special mobile version of the website so if you have a smartphone you get a custom viewing experience. Hope you like the new look and feel!

Art is Passion Website Redesign

Weather PUPPY
Weather Puppy Smile every time you check the weather :)
A friend recently introduced me to Weather Puppy, a free smartphone app that shows the weather accompanied by an adorable dog photo related to the current conditions. Now you're sure to smile, even if the weather is gloomy :) There's also an option to purchase a custom theme for which the proceeds are donated to various animal non-profit organizations. Check it out if you're an animal lover like myself!

Rescue Me Pet Foundation Rescue Me Pet Foundation
I just adopted a 9 week old kitten from the Rescue Me Pet Foundation! Her name is Sophie (short for Ophelia). She's really playful and is slowly opening up to her new environment. Boy parenthood is rough :) I'll keep you posted on her progress.

Mark Ryden
I recently stumbled upon the artwork of Mark Ryden while browsing a small boutique in Venice Beach. I've seen his work before but never knew who was responsible. Apparently he created the painting genre Pop Surrealism in the 1990s! Be warned some of his pieces are a bit creepy :)

Mark Ryden

Act As If
Here's another awesome band I saw at the concert in Santa Monica benefiting Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Be sure to check out their music videos online.

Act As If - Oh My My (Live Acoustic)

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