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My First Newsletter
Thursday -- October 14, 2010
Well this is it! My first email newsletter. I hope you are happy to hear from me :) This newsletter is meant to inspire. Creativity is an important part of my personality. I feel fortunate to be able to share it with my friends, family and colleagues. If you don't want to be included on future emails feel free to email unsubscribe [at] and I'll delete you from the list of cool people that are totally awesome ;) Also this is my first time sending an html email from gmail so please let me know if things render funky.

Halloween Count Down!
Wilma Flintstone My Favorite Day of the Year
Halloween has to be my favorite day of the year! I just love dressing up :) This year was a little tricky finding a costume as I recently cut my hair. It's super short! Fear not I found the perfect costume. Who wears a white dress with jagged edges, a big pearl necklace and has short orange hair? I'll give you a hint it starts with a W...

Quick Little FREESTYLE
by 'The Unique' aka Allyn Beth Brown
Freestyle for a while to see how it feels
Layer one, layer two soon shall reveal
In your peel
When it splits
For a second too quick
One lick is all that it takes
Feel the hate
Burning i'm turning one cheek
Your too sleek for words

Art is Passion Save the Dates!
Lily's Birthday -- October 22nd
UCLA Game w/Big Sis -- October 30th
Halloween -- October 31st
Mom/Dad Birthdays -- November 6th & 7th
My 27TH Birthday Oh My -- November 15th

Sister Surfer
A Woman's Guide to Surfing
with Bliss and Courage

Sister Surfer

I've been reading the book Sister Surfer: A Woman's Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage. The book is very encouraging if you want to do something different and exciting like hit the waves. Surfing has always been a dream of mine... it's crazy to think it's becoming a reality. I couldn't have done it without this book.

Inspirational Flyer & Postcard Designs
If you're looking for some creative inspiration you have to check out this blog from The artwork is amazing to say the least. There's a bunch of different techniques to get your creative juices pumping. I love traditional print media. Postcards are one of my all-time favorites! They're super simple, effective and easy to send/distribute.

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