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Thursday -- November 29, 2012
Today I am Thankful Last night I spent a good amount of time cleaning/organizing my apartment. By midnight I was exhausted and finally took a moment to sit down. It was at that moment I realized just how thankful I am for all the amazing things in my life.

Original Art by CARISSA WEBER
Original Art by Carissa Weber I stumbled upon an amazing local artist, Carissa Weber, while walking the Venice Boardwalk last weekend. Her artwork instantly drew me in with the bold colors, clean lines and abstract shapes. Check out her artwork online at

Poor Little PIGGY
Day 70 - NO MEAT!!!
Poor Little Piggy How can you look at that adorable little piggy and not feel a shed of guilt for eating meat? Maybe it won't be as cute when it grows up but hey big girls need love too ;) I will not hate people for eating meat... I will however tell them how great I feel for not indulging!

Jam out with JAMBOX!
Jambox by Jawbone Amazing Little Wireless Speaker
I'd never heard of Jawbone or the Jambox until an unexpected Birthday gift showed up on my door step. I must say it truly is an awesome invention! The speaker connects via bluetooth to my iPhone allowing me to play music anywhere in the house. It even allows me to answer incoming calls with the built in microphone. Best of all the speaker is completely wireless and portable so I can always take the party with me :) Check out Jambox by Jawbone.

Solar Sculptures
by Shana Koenig

I discovered an amazing new art form, Solar Sculptures by local artist Shana Koenig. The sculptures are perfect for outdoor gardens or artistic interiors. Who knew mixing light with art could be so illuminating! Be sure to check out some of her inspiring creations online.

Solar Sculptures by Shana Koenig

Little Sophie
If you haven't seen my new kitten Sophie you're in for a treat :) I captured this adorable video and figured out how to post it on YouTube!

My New Kitten Sophie

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