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Turkey Day!
My Little PumpkinThursday -- November 24, 2011
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful I get to spend Turkey Day with my family. There's nothing better than spending the holidays with the people you love.

Thanksgiving with the Famiily

Awareness for Men's Health
It really has been an awesome Movember... even though I didn't rock a mustache. I hope all you men out there did your part and helped raise awareness for prostate cancer and other unfortunate diseases that affect men's health. There's nothing cooler than moustachery :)


Happy Birthday TO ME
Best Birthday Ever!
Ping Pong TableI truly had the best birthday ever this year! I can't believe I got my very own ping pong table. I'm going to be the ping pong champion of the world :)

Northwoods RESORT
Big Bear Lake, CA
Northwoods Resort Big Bear LakeI spent a few days at the Northwoods Resort in Big Bear Lake for the holidays. The snow was beyond beautiful! Driving up the mountain felt like traveling through a snow globe. The internet connection on the other hand wasn't so awesome ;)

Moving on UP!
Mariners Bay Apartments & Anchorage
I found the perfect apartment in Marina del Rey, Mariners Bay. I'm so thankful I found it as they don't advertise on which is where I would typically search. I'm doubling my square footage and have a view of the Marina! If you're planning on coming to my house warming party be prepared for a ping pong tournament :)

Mariners Bay Apartments & Anchorage

Kandee Johnson
How To Cut A T-shirt (Cool Design)

How To Cut A T-shirt (Cool Design)

Have you ever gotten a shirt that just didn't fit right? I've gotten a couple cool tshirts as gifts that had really cool graphics on them but didn't fit so cool. I found a video on YouTube that gave me the bright idea to cut tshirts for a better fit. Check it Out!

Your Fat
What it is, where it comes from, and how to get rid of it.

Your Fat by Jay Co

In the spirit of Turkey Day check out the book Your Fat on Amazon. The book is simple and to the point. It's important to know what's in the food we eat and how it affects our health.

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My Bday -- Nov 15th
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