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November Newsletter
Friday -- November 12, 2010
Well 11-11 is over... I hope you made a wish! I had a pretty lucky day and ordered a delicious sandwich with fresh made soup from It's awesome I didn't even have to leave my apartment hehe. It's just one of those days.

Del Rey Day—November 7th
Play Date with Edgar
Little Edgar I attended Del Rey Day in Del Rey to help support FORTE Animal Rescue. Free hot dogs for the community, marching/jazz and local bands, cheerleaders, dance performances, you name it they had it! They were even decorating holiday cards for the troops. Seemed like a great community. The best part was I got to spend most of the afternoon with little Edgar on my lap :)

Quick Little FREESTYLE
by 'The Unique' aka Allyn Beth Brown
Little Red riding her bike.
Wondering, stumbling what is it like?
Off in the night. The timing is right.
Savings really? I can't see the light!

Taking a break...
FaceBook took my face and I just had to get it back ;) So I'm taking a break from FaceBook for a while. I definitely miss some of my close friends and family but for the most part I like the real world and don't feel the need to share my face.

Chocolate Rain—Tay Zonday
Me and Tay Zonday eating ice cream at RiteAid. I can't believe how deep his voice is in person!

Sister Surfer

Check out the ultimate Cherry Chocolate Rain Video on YouTube if you haven't checked it out already.

Real Raw Women
After watching the movie Food Matters I wanted to change my life and eating habits for the better. The Real Raw Women Blog is awesome and shows change can happen! Spread the word and help the planet be a better, healthier place to live.

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