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To Fit to Quit
Fitbit Ultra Thursday -- May 31, 2012
Summer is basically at our door step... just 20 more days till it's official! I've been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in preparation for bikini season but the temptation of delicious fried foods tends to get the best of me ;) Luckily the Fitbit Ultra is here to the rescue. A good friend sent me this little gadget and I must say it's quite an amazing technology. It tracks how many steps you've taken, how many flights of stairs, even how well you sleep at night. Check it out online for more details and get ready to get fit.

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Art is Passion recently joined Facebook. If you have a Facebook account be sure to check it out and press Like to receive periodic updates (featured artwork, new projects, dog of the month, design tips, poetry submissions, etc). Thanks in advance to all my wonderful supporters!

Xbox 360 + Kinect = Awesome!
Another amazing gadget I scored recently is the Xbox 360 Kinect. If you own an Xbox 360 this is a must have. Say goodbye to using a video game controller and say hello to voice command and simple hand movements. It's similar to the Wii Fit except there's no wand to deal with. They've taken gaming to a whole new level!

Housewarming & PING PONG
Thanks to Everyone Who Showed Up!
Housewarming/Ping Pong PartyI finally threw a Housewarming Party last weekend. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by. I had a great time despite losing the ping pong tournament ;) If you weren't able to come I'm sure there will be plenty of time this summer for more BBQ's and ping pong. Oh and don't forget Xbox Kinect Adventures!

Cafe del Rey
My grandmother came to visit a couple weeks ago and we had an amazing three course brunch at Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey. If you're in town and are looking for something special this is just the place!

Cafe del Rey

'Girls' on HBO
I've been watching the show Girls on HBO which revolves around a group of girls in their early 20s (Living the dream... one mistake at a time). Viewers discretion advised :)

Girls on HBO

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