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From Gold City to San Francisco
Wednesday -- May 18, 2011
Gold City - Feather Fiesta DaysI went to Gold City Oroville, California to visit my family. We hit up the Feather Fiesta! A week long celebration featuring a parade, car show, chili cook off, art show, triathlon, music festival and much more! After a nice visit on the family ranch I headed for San Francisco. Nothing tops a trip to San Fran like Bay to Breakers :) I went from the Bay to the Breakers to Marina Del Rey in one day!

Bay To Breakers AND BEYOND
May 15th in San Francisco
Bay To BreakersIt's was the 100th Year Anniversary of Bay To Breakers. Anything that involves dressing up in a costume you know I'll be there. I made it all the way to the finish line even though I wasn't registered. There were so many creative costumes I wish I could share them all. I've highlighted a few below.

Bay To Breakers

Pictured From Left to Right: Robot Chicken, Oscar the Grouch, Pepe Le Pew, Kick Ass and Horseman.

I hope there will be one next year despite rumors. Come on economy pick your self up! We need a Bay to Breakers sponsor before things really start to shake up ;) The website has a new countdown so I'm guessing we're in business.

Thursday Nights from 7-9 in San Francisco

Viracocha SF

It was definitely fun being back in the city for a few days. While I was there I checked out a new open mic poetry event at Viracocha on 998 Valencia St. It was great seeing some of my fellow poetry fanatics. I even picked up a copy of 'Shadow on the Rocks' by Steven Gray. The open mic takes place in the basement of a little antique gift shop which gives it a cool speak easy feel. The host was super energetic. I love seeing young poets in their prime! The feature poet of the night was Billy Tuggle (2010 Lethal Poetry Chicago Grand Slam Champion). His hip hop style and unique perspective was enlightening to say the least.

Grand Opening of Chalk LA
Venice Art Gallery
CANLOVE Graffiti Recycling Program I stumbled upon an awesome new art gallery in Venice. What really caught my attention was the featured artwork from a graffiti recycling program called CANLOVE. The organization recycles discarded empty spray cans from high traffic graffiti zones and turns them into intricate pieces of art. Who would have known you could create a beautiful bouquet of flowers from pieces of a spray can? Now I'll have to start brainstorming ideas... there has to be something I can recycle and create into artwork. I reuse old lotto tickets but definitely need to think bigger and better! Hey maybe if I win the lotto I can have more time to recycle :)

Chalk Art Gallery

What can I say... Art Is Passion
Despite my busy schedule I've managed to fit in a little time to create some eye catching art. The piece below is my most recent creation. It's also the first piece I started for my future art show. I completed half of it quite a while ago but was afraid to finish the rest... sometimes it's difficult to pickup exactly where you left off. Luckily it all came together!

Green Machine
Green Machine - by Allyn Beth Brown

The Mom Song
by the Go Fish Guys
Go Fish Guys - The Mom Song

In the spirit of Mother's Day you have to check out The Mom Song by the Go Fish Guys. Being the loving daughter I am I went to church with my Mom for Mother's Day. Her church is pretty rockin... they played this song as a final Mother's Day tribute. If you work all day and you don't get paid you're a MOM!

Rough Draft
by Billy Tuggle

Rough Draft by Billy Tuggle

If you like poetry and graffiti you'll like this piece by Billy Tuggle. Rough Draft was performed at the Viracocha Open Mic and caught my attention as I too cherish the spray can sniper. It's a shame people take advantage of such a powerful art form. Don't let those people skew your perspective... graffiti is a form of expression that should be acknowledged and appreciated.

Quick Freestyle Poem
by Allyn Beth Brown

To the bay...
And back again
Long lost friends
A sacred swim
My deep escape
Marina del Rey
I've found my fate
One can't explain
An Ocean breeze
A desire to live
Within Palm Trees
No hills, no rain
Just open terrain
My new home
My heart in flames

Meet Fred :)
The sweetest donkey in Oroville!

Fred the Donkey

Being on the family ranch I was lucky enough to spend time with one of my favorite fellows Fred the donkey. This fine young lad loves to eat rotten bananas. Sounds gross but they're his favorite... I almost thought he was going to choke on the slime.

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