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Lady Luck
Thursday -- March 29, 2012
Lady LuckI've always had a fascination with luck. The idea that things would mysteriously go my way based on the slightest chance. Despite its unlucky history I chose 13 as my favorite number hoping it would somehow work in my favor. I must have done something right because lately I feel like one lucky lady ;)

80 YEARS and Counting!
Happy 80th Birthday Grandy
80th Birthday I went to Santa Cruz to celebrate my Grandmother's 80th Birthday. I'm thankful to be part of such a wonderful family and have so many great memories. It's amazing how fast time flies and how quickly we grow up. I just hope when I'm 80 I'm just as lucky :)

Learning on the FAST TRACK
I Heart Audio Books
One of the time saving tips in a recent issue of Real Simple Magazine was to try out audio books. Imagine you can clean the house, do laundry... all while listening to a book of your choice. I went to the library yesterday and found some pretty interesting options. You can even learn a new language! The opportunities are endless. The best part is I don't have to feel guilty for not finding time to read.

The Art of CHASE
Remember Who You Are
The Art of Chase With over 200 murals in the Los Angeles area you may have spotted the Art of Chase while wandering the streets of LA or Santa Monica. It wasn't until recently I discovered who was behind the artwork. I must say his artwork is truly impressive... even more so the fact that he does the murals for free as gifts to the neighborhoods.

Real Simple Magazine
I tend to be big on organization. I have a habit of moving things around as I'm constantly trying to think of better more efficient solutions for storing things. Real Simple Magazine is packed with bright ideas! Even better you get two free preview issues with no obligation by signing up online.

Real Simple Magazine

The Hunger Games
I watched The Hunger Games last weekend and must say it was quite the tale. The film currently holds the record for the third best opening weekend box office sales of any movie in North America! If you haven't seen the movie watch the trailer and head to a theatre near you.

The Hunger Games Trailer

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