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It's Never Too Late To Succeed
Tuesday -- March 15, 2011
Success vs. FailureIt would be awesome to succeed every time but to be honest it wouldn't be very challenging. I love challenge... just not in the form of fruit flies :( I tried to compost. I really did. I just couldn't hack it in my small space. I'll have to give it another try once I can have a food pile far far away. Don't let my failure deter you... someone else had to be successful right? If only I lived on the family ranch then all my food scraps could go to our donkey Fred.

One mouse click at a time (or iPhone click!)
iMac 27 Inch I love love love my new iMac 27 inch.... and of course the adorable little keyboard and one touch mouse (best invention ever) that comes with it. If you know anything about Adobe Photoshop and love pixels like I do you can zoom and see every single pixel in grid form! It's ridiculous how awesome this machine is. In the spirit of the Apple commercials "I'm a Mac" and I'm proud of it :) Gotta love tax returns! FOR SEARCHING
Bing sucks for the record... but it's a good cause.
iGive.comIf you feel like doing something good for the environment or some other local cause (like Forte Animal Rescue) check out You can select a sponsor and every time you use the search engine to search for something it raises a few cents for the charity. I love too much to give my all but I try to go there when I'm feeling patient ;)

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month
Venice Art Crawl Venice Beach is always popping off with colorful explosions of art and music. That's just what the Venice Art Crawl is about.
The event gives local artists the opportunity to showcase their artwork at a variety of local venues all along the boardwalk and main Venice strip. It makes a fantastic bike ride!

This was one of the artists featured at the art crawl. Her name is Rae Kiaha. I love artwork created from simple black ink. I'm working up some masterpieces of my own so stay tuned...


I Am Called Aged.
by Alan Charles Bennett

I am called aged
Life has closed about me
I am wrapped in my
own pale shroud
The illuminated shadow
of my body appears
My life mask has been
laid upon my face
I am called aged
I am not heard -
hardly ever seen
The TV left on in
the lounge is louder
I lurk and shuttle about
the empty hall
No brisk or boldly walk-about
No need for medication -
I am always medicated
Eyes are for crying,
mine only itch
I am alone, often very alone.
I am called aged
I am called aged.

The poem above was submitted to Visit the poetry contribution page to submit and share your poetry or read poems from fellow poets.

Quick Freestyle Poem
by Allyn Beth Brown

Sweet like Yan Yan
Yes I can can
Give the man a dollar
But wait it's fate
I can't relate
He took my money
I'm full of hate
Rebate! Give it back
Insurance is wack
Unless your a skeemer
Who drives a beemer
Ring any bells? He's swell
I'm sure you can tell

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