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Forget About the June Gloom
Friday -- June 17, 2011
Check out my fortune! I couldn't have said it better myself. I've always been pushing people to enjoy life. I'm not talking about taking a day off here and there... I mean ENJOY life. Every day is a gift. Happiness is a decision. Enjoying life makes things so much better :)
Enjoy Life. This is not a dress rehearsal.

Get Out and Go for a HIKE
Temescal Canyon Loop
Temescal Canyon LoopIn the spirit of enjoying life why not get out and go for a hike? Lately I've been checking out a pretty cool local LA spot called Temescal Canyon Loop. It feels great to get outdoors and play with nature. On a clear day the views are magnificent. If you're not in the area check out to find a trail near you.

Yard Sale June 18th, Bingo June 22nd
Yard Sale June 18th 8 AM to 2 PM If you're local to Los Angeles and would like to help support FORTE Animal Rescue come and check out our upcoming yard sale. The sale is on June 18th from 8 AM to 2 PM. All proceeds go directly to the care of animals.
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Bingo Night June 22nd 9 PM Another upcoming event is one of my ultimate favorites... BINGO! Awesome prizes, celebrity guests, full bar and much more. Come check it out June 22nd at 9 PM to have some fun.
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Feels Good to WIN THE GOLD
Set and Make Running Goals with Nike+
Win the Gold at That's right I won the gold! Okay it's not real gold... but it did feel great! I recently setup a goal to run 3 times a week and amazingly I did it. My initial goal to get to level Green isn't too far from reach. Just 89 miles to go! If I keep up the good work I'll be there before I know it.

Running is a great way to blow off some steam. I find after a hard days work running reduces my stress level and helps me sustain my energy level. I'm sure it's doing wonders on my thighs as well ;)

Eye Catching ARTWORK
GelaSkins - Protection with Style. Not Bulk
If you want some cool artwork to spice up your life I'd recommend checking out the website. They have high quality skins for mobile and computer devices. I have a skin on my iPhone and my laptop. Everywhere I go people can't keep their eyes off me hehe. I'm subscribed to their newsletter so I'm always up to date on new artists. Pretty mind blowing!

GelaSkins - Protection with Style. Not Bulk
GelaSkins - Protection with Style. Not Bulk

Vega and Gavilan
Best Friends Forever ;)

Vega and Gavilan

A bird and a cat best friends forever? Sounds silly but these two are inseparable. They spend every day together and make quite the pair. Vega even sleeps on top of the bird cage sometimes. Never say never when it comes to animals. Can't we all just get along!

Dazed and Confused
Ultimate Tribute to Classic Rock!

Dazed and Confused Fan Pics

When I first moved out to Venice beach I stumbled upon Dazed and Confused, L.A.'s Hottest Classic Rock Tribute Band. They play pretty often at Brennans Pub. If you're in the area I definitely recommend checking them out.

The Secret
by Allyn Beth Brown

Thought is power
The laws of attraction
I've learned the secret
Now focused on reaction
I can change the world
Project, release
I have control
One can't defeat
Release the beast
Within your mind
Happiness, satisfaction
Are yours to find
Climb higher, live longer
Try harder, be stronger
Forget the blame
And look inside
Your wasting time
Enjoy the ride

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Crystal's Graduation -- June 4th
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Matt's Bday -- June 17th
FORTE Yard Sale -- June 18th
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FORTE Bingo Night -- June 22nd

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