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Branch Out - How to paint tree brancheBranch Out
Tuesday -- July 1, 2014
It's easy to get caught in routine... I actually love routine :) It's branching out that's the hard part. Taking risk and going outside of your personal boundaries. If not now then when?

If you do what you've always done,
you'll get what you've always gotten.
- Tony Robbins

The Container Yard San Francisco is flooded with incredible street art. When I moved to Los Angeles I was blown away by all the art around Venice Beach but knew there had to be more. I'd heard of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles but never had the courage to venture out. This summer I finally stepped outside my comfort zone and went to check it out first hand. What I stumbled upon was beyond amazing! The Container Yard is a new creative event space in an old warehouse right in the heart of the Arts District. You have to see it to believe it :)

Arts District Flea
As if a giant warehouse full of mind-blowing artwork wasn't enough... the Arts District has the hippest little flea market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! They have everything from cute vintage clothes and retro antiques, to new age art and modern appliances. They even have neon art installations and a free photobooth for your enjoyment. Who knew I could look so cute with a mustache :)

Another awesome find on my way to downtown was the Graff Lab, a public art space world famous for its graffiti and aerosol art. The banner above of Michael Jackson is currently featured at the space. The Graff lab has a lot to offer the community with free tutoring, counseling, dance lessons, music lessons and other cultural events. Most importantly they give artists the freedom and opportunity to develop their skills in a fun and safe environment.
The Graff Lab

The Graff Lab

Alexis Murray
I stumbled upon the artwork of Alexis Murray at the Zero Down Art Show (1019 West Studios). I loved the dream like scenery and fantastical elements. It takes true talent to imagine the unimaginable :) I'd like to try and branch out in my own artwork... perhaps this will give me a little kick of confidence to try something new.

Artist Alexis Murray

Cat's Need Tutus Too :)
I had a blast at the color run last month! My friends and I made tutus to get into the spirit. I was amazed at how easy it was. I should have been making tutus my whole life. Don't miss out on the all the fun... learn how to make your very own tutu! The best part is there's NO sewing involved :)

How to make a TuTu skirt!

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