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Monday -- July 18, 2011
Happy Fourth of July I sure hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July! I spent the holiday in Big Bear Lake as I do every year. It rained during the fireworks which was a first... luckily they didn't cancel the show. I had a great time with family and friends. Lots of yummy food and good laughs :)

Lagonita Lodge, Big Bear Lake
Ping Pong RulesWell I lost the ping pong tournament at Big Bear this year :( I hadn't practiced much and there were so many people they only let us play till 6 points. Hey there's always next year!

Climb Your Way to CASTLE ROCK
Castle Rock Trail, Big Bear Lake
Rock Formation at Castle RockWhile vacationing in Big Bear I checked out Castle Rock Trail. The rock formations were beyond beautiful. The start of the trail was a little difficult (blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-altitude). It got a lot easier as the trail went on. I even made it all the way to the top of Castle Rock! A steep but fun climb.

Night of Bingo with MARYLIN
Bingo Night at Hamburger Mary's
Marylin MonroeIf you didn't come out for the FORTE Animal Rescue Bingo Night you missed a great show. I dodged from the paparazzi when I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt out front :) Our celebrity guest of the night was a Marylin Monroe look alike. Whenever someone won all the losers got to throw their used bingo cards at the winner. A fun little twist to an old school game. Hamburger Mary's hosts Legendary Bingo every Wednesday so if you're ever in West Hollywood be sure to check it out.

Joy Ride in the MARINA
Marina del Rey WaterBus
Marina del Rey WaterBus When my family came to visit recently I took my first ride on the Marina del Rey WaterBus. The bus runs during the summer and has a handful of stops throughout the Marina. It's a peaceful little ride with many treasures along the way (we saw an adorable seal lounging in the sun). We stopped at Fisherman's Village for a bite to eat. The bus also stops at Burton Chace Park where they have free summer concerts. If you're in the area I definitely recommend going for a joy ride.

Confessions of a Superhero
Available Instantly on Netflix

Confessions of a Superhero

Confessions of a Superhero is a documentary about the characters that dress up on Hollywood Blvd. It's interesting to learn about people from all walks of life. I even got to meet "Superman" in person! Be sure to watch the movie and keep your eyes open next time you stroll down the walk of fame.

Bleeding Harp
Blues Band Blitz!

Bleeding Harp

My friend Amanda came to visit so I took her out for a night on the town. We stumbled upon a band called Bleeding Harp at O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Santa Monica. It was a nice little atmosphere... reminded me of my San Francisco days. One of the band members had a belt with a variety of harmonicas. Pretty neat :)

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