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Happy New Year!
Friday -- January 14, 2011
Happy New Year 2010 has come and gone... 2011 here we come! Despite my recent family tragedies I think this year is off to a great new start! I moved to a new apartment January 1st and love my new home. I'm debating a new child (canine of course!) then everything will be perfect :)

Learning How to COMPOST
Crazy Right?
San Francisco Implements Nation's First Mandatory Composting Law It all started when I read somewhere not to put coffee grinds in the sink... I had no idea hehe. Then I found out you can recycle them by composting! I figured I might as well give it a try. I feel less wasteful already :) In San Francisco they just implemented a mandatory composting law so maybe it will become more wide spread in the near future.

Gerrit Stukkie (1918 - 2011)
Grandpa My dear Grandpa passed away yesterday. He was about to be 93 years young. He loved to make people laugh and always had a cheerful spirit. He had the best stories and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He always cared so much about the mail and sent monthly donations to a handful of charities. To this day I think of him each time I send a letter <3 Love you Grandpa!

Watch it for Free on Netflix!
Tapped the Movie Really you have to watch Tapped the Movie! If you care about your health and the environment you'll check it out. I'm trying out a PUR Water filter on my faucet. I haven't bought a bottle of water since I watched the movie... save your money and your health and check out the film :)

RIP Little Sugar Bear
Sugar was an awesome dog who loved people. She lived a long, happy life and will always be remembered.

RIP Little Sugar Bear

Dog of the Month
Check out Ollie the Dog of the Month! He's the sweetest little dog. Very playful and full of energy :)

Ollie Dog of the Month

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