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Make Your Own Luck
Thursday -- February 28, 2013
Make Your Own Luck I've always thought of myself as a lucky person despite I've never won the lotto or one of those amazing cars featured in the mall :) It wasn't until the past few weeks I realized luck is in the eyes of the beholder. All you have to do is visualize what you want and it can come true. It still requires a lot of hard work... but visualizing is the first step!

Tap Dance Like No One is Watching
Tap Dance Like No One is Watching I used to tap dance as a teenager and always had such a great time. I never thought as an adult I'd have the opportunity to get back into it... or perhaps deep down I was afraid to commit. Well I finally bit the bullet and signed up for an adult tap class! I guess you could say all that visualization finally gave me the motivation I needed.

Dutch - German Sheppard Mix
Dutch - March 2013 Dog of the Month Congrats to Dutch the March 2013 Dog of the Month! Dutch is a one year old German Sheppard mix with a sweet heart and mischievous personality. To enter your dog send a photo and short story to
[email protected].

Love Hate POETRY
Here's a special poetry contribution I'd like to share:

Meadow - By Lindsey Ramos
It is a white afternoon.
The white of indifference, of parts
unremembered in dreams. White the sky,
the sun blares white on spider webs
threatening entanglement.

You read to me from a white page.
"Any man who takes refuge from behind the
excuse of his passions
is not an honest man."
You drop your book, throw back your head.
and turn your eyes towards me.

I focus on scattered
dandelions. The white day
filters through the yellow weeds.
A nice picture, I decide. Yellow
to relieve the whiteness.

Walking home,
I kick off the white puffs
of dandelions already gone to seed.
Hiding behind my passions, I decide,
Is only a white lie.

For more poetry or to submit your own poetry visit my poetry website @

Hans Walor
Artist Hans Walor is a Los Angeles based artist who focuses on art, digital design, spacial design and curation. His artwork is truly amazing! Check out his website or visit his Facebook page for more amazing art.

Artist Hans Walor

Clark Little Photography
Clark Little is an award-winning photographer best known for his breathtaking shots of ocean shorebreaks. If you're searching for a snapshot of the perfect wave he's your man. View his beautiful work online!

Clark Little Photography

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