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I Will Survive
Tuesday -- December 25, 2012
Happy Holidays! It's been quite a year... I can't believe we survived the end of the world and 2013 is right around the corner! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Best wishes in the New Year and many years to come :)

GOT Print
Speaking of survival, business cards are an essential part of a successful business. I've used a few different online print companies in the past and must say has some unbelievable deals. They have quality products at really low prices... it's almost to good to be true :)

I Stand for GOOD
The Amulet Project
I Stand for Good I stumbled upon a neat little company called I Stand for Good, founded by two Colombian born Artists. They sell necklaces and bracelets with a special twist... there's a miniature scroll attached allowing you to write down your hopes and dreams and carry it with you throughout your day. A great way to motivate success! Check out their online shop for this rare and special find.

Love Hate POETRY
Here's a little holiday poem in the spirit of the holidays...

The holidays are here at last.
2012 within a flash.
A happy time to love and share.
The end for which one can't prepare.
Cherish the moment, live today.
For soon the New Year will have it's way.

For more poetry or to submit your own poetry visit my poetry website @

hOOping Gangnam Style
By now you should know hooping is the new cool :) It's a great way to get trim and have a blast at the same time. If you don't believe me check out hOOping Gangnam Style on YouTube... how fun is that!

hOOping Gangnam Style

Willow the Elf
What better way to spend the holiday season then dressing your pet in an obnoxiously cute elf costume. This is little Willow who won the pet toleration of the year award :)

Willow the Elf

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