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Home for the Holidays
Shinning StarSaturday -- December 24, 2011
The holidays are here! I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with family and friends. I'm in Oroville spending some quality time with the ones I love. Looking forward to a bright new year :)

Allyn Beth Brown and Lily Pachas

Family Tradition
Poetry Passion
In my family we have a special tradition every Christmas Eve where everyone has to present something to the family (somewhat like a talent show). Anything from singing a song, playing the trumpet, reading a poem... you get the picture. In the spirit of the holidays I've written a little something to bring you in on the tradition.

We Believe by Allyn Beth Brown
Puzzle of Me and Santa Christmas time is here again
Happier then I've ever been
The puzzle pieces begin to fit
The white fur tree perfectly lit
An inner glow one can't describe
The love, the joy, to feel alive
Sharing moments, sharing laughter
Here and now and ever after
Friends and family lend a hand
Surving winter wonderland
We believe we shall be merry
Chocolate covered strawberry
Fill our hearts with peace of mind
Keep us jolly, keep us kind
Home for the holidays a gift so great
Christmas cheer lets celebrate!

Holiday TREATS
Santa Hat Brownie Bites
Santa Hat BrowniesI was watching this show called the Chew with my mom recently and saw the cutest idea for a holiday snack. Brownie bites are my ultimate favorite so I had to share.

Basically you take a brownie bite (or make your own with a circle cookie cutter) then top with whip cream. Next take a strawberry and cut of the stem. Place the strawberry on top of the whip cream layer then top with a drop of whip cream. Aren't they just adorable? I bet they're quite tasty as well!

Rest in PEACE
Saying goodbye to the ones we love is difficult but it's a part of life. When that time comes the best we can do is keep them in our memories and know deep down they're resting in peace. My three furry friends Buddy, Raji and Shasta will forever be cherished.

Buddy <3

Raji <3

Shasta <3

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