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Winter Wonderland
Tuesday -- December 14, 2010
Wow... I can't believe December is really here. Christmas is around the corner. It seems like just yesterday I was starting a new year, new life, new apartment, new town. That was almost a year ago. I must say it's been crazy :) I still can't believe I live in Southern California. Being by the beach is amazing! I just hope the world doesn't end soon ;) but hey like 2Pac says... to live and die in LA hehe.

In Loving Memory LINDA GABEL <3
Linda Susan Gabel (1951 - 2010)
Linda Gabel This goes out to a very special person, Linda Susan Gabel. A woman with a passion for photography, graphic art design, drawing, painting, ceramics and much more. She really was a free spirit and always kept a smile on her face :) We'll miss you!

A New Home For ARCHIE
FORTE Animal Rescue
Archie After two years and no adopters Archie finally has a new home! It was a holiday miracle as all the boarding facilities were full for the holidays and we needed a place for him to stay. Here's the Video of Archie that made his new owner fall in love. I am so happy to be part of such an awesome organization FORTE Animal Rescue.

The J. Paul Getty MUSEUM
Free + 15 dollars for Parking = Awesome
Getty Museum I went to the Getty Museum recently with my family and friends. It was a nice little trip. You have to take a light rail from the parking area to the museum which was different. The artwork was okay... honestly it was kind of repetitive. I'm also not a big fan of religious art. They had some cool antique furniture that sparked a little interest. I didn't get to see all of the exhibits so it's definitely worth going back for a second visit. You just have to accommodate extra time for the train ride.

Moving Like Berney

Weekend at Bernie's

Have you seen the Movin Like Berney Dance? The dance was inspired by the movie Weekend at Bernie's. Oh man it's too funny! I'd so move it like Berney haha.

Save the Trees!
This year I tried to keep the environment in mind while picking out gifts for my loved ones. I found some awesome all natural products in the process! It's surprising how many natural inexpensive products are out there. I've been trying to stay away from products with toxic chemicals. I thought it was going to be a lot bigger of a challenge to switch my habits but I love the greener alternatives.

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