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Take the Day Off!
Take the Day Off! Saturday -- August 31, 2013
A day off from work couldn't come at a better time! Even if it means the end of summer is quickly approaching :( I'll be taking the day off from "work" but will likely be working on crossing off items from my never ending to-do list (like finishing the August Newsletter just in the knick of time). If you're anything like me be sure to take some time off to relax and enjoy yourself. Labor Day only comes once a year so take the day off!

ARTS & Crafts
Crafted Love the Blog
While taking the day off why not indulge in some arts & crafts? Crafted Love (created by Allison Affourtit an Ohio based graphic designer) is a great resource for fun and easy to follow do it yourself projects. There's a tutorial on creating newspaper art that originally led me to the site... I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm done with my masterpiece. If you have some time to spare and are interested in making hand-crafted treasures check it out!

Flower Glass by Chris Elliman I purchased "Flower Glass" featured to the left from Chris Elliman, a local Venice Beach artist. His series entitled "The Timing" has a similar style as Salvador Dali with a surreal and mystical concept on time. His more recent work focuses on the art of seeing double or two worlds at once... definitely a unique and eye-catching subject so be sure to view his latest collection at

Strut Your MUTT
Breville Compact Electric Juicer FORTE Animal Rescue Fundraiser
A special thanks to all those who made a donation for the Strut Your Mutt Fundraiser. If you haven't made a donation the event is September 15th so it's not too late. Every penny you donate will go to an excellent cause and help FORTE Animal Rescue save more lives. Spread the word!

Red 14 Films
Being in Los Angeles you're bound to cross paths with some incredible film talent. Red 14 Films is comprised of writers and filmmakers with a special knack for creating cinematic book trailers. So if you're writing a book, know someone writing a book, need a short film, or just want to check out some neat book trailers visit for more info.

Red 14 Films

Nick Waterhouse
If you're into vintage '50s R&B then Nick Waterhouse is where it's at! His music is fun, up-beat and funky (similar to Amy Winehouse). I recently saw Nick perform at the Santa Monica Pier Concert and he had the entire crowd dancing on the beach. If you haven't heard his music give it a listen and get ready to groove :)

Musician Nick Waterhouse

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