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Monday -- August 20, 2012
Outside by 100PlusYou're looking at the official leader of Outside by 100Plus (an awesome little app for the iPhone)! The goal of the app is to complete missions that keep you health conscious. For example going to a park or trying a new healthy food... each time you complete a mission you take a picture then get points for the completion. It was simple, fun and rewarding to say the least. Who knew being number one felt so good :)

Where's GEORGE?
Where's George? When heading home from my recent trip to Seattle I got a dollar bill with a stamp that said I was curious so I checked out the website when I got home. The site lets you enter the serial number from a dollar bill then see where it has been according to anyone that's checked the bill history in the past. It's a pretty neat concept and apparently has been in existence since December 23, 1998! The dollar bill I received had been moved around throughout Seattle. I took the bill back with me to California and used it in Big Bear Lake. Hopefully it's next owner shares the same curiosity ;)

ULTIMATE Treasure Hunt
Geocaching... Real-World Outdoor Treasure Hunt
Geocaching If you've never heard of Geocaching you have to check out the video introduction online! It's basically a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt where you try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS. I haven't officially found my first geocache but I still have hope and won't be giving up anytime soon :) If you're up for the challenge give it a try and be sure to email me when you find your first treasure. I'll do my best not to be jealous ;)

Nike+ Level GREEN
Nike+ Level Green! I finally made it to Nike Plus level green! It only took me a year and a half but hey who's counting ;) The important part is I reached my goal. A recap on the different levels is listed below. Let's see how long it takes me to get to level blue...

Yellow :: 0-49km, 0-30mi
Orange :: 50-249km, 31-154mi
Green :: 250-999km, 155-620mi
Blue :: 1,000-2,499km, 621-1552mi
Purple :: 2,500-4,999km, 1553-3106mi
Black :: over 5000km or 3107mi

Powerslide Design Co.
In Seattle I discovered an impressive graphic designer Mike Klay, founder of Powerslide Design Co. His designs are clean and colorful with just the right touch of detail. One of my favorite pieces is the Music City Series. If you're looking for some inspiration or want something hip and cool to decorate your space check out his available prints online.

Powerslide Design Co. - Music City Series

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