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Train Like There's No Finish Line
Wednesday -- April 3, 2013
Train Like There's No Finish Line If you're like every other person in the world you've had that one moment where you look in the mirror and wish you were more in shape. Of course we're our own worst critic :) Well this summer I'm going to look in the mirror and feel proud that all my hard work has paid off! I'm not just working out for summer... I'm working out for me. There is no finish line when it comes to staying healthy.

Having a visual reminder to stay fit is great for motivation. I found some great wallpapers at both for your computer or your cellphone wallpaper. I have one set for my work computer and another one set for my cell phone. Now there's no excuses!

Fitspholic Fitness Wallpapers

Face the FACTS
Fitbit Aria Wi-fi Smart Scale
I've wanted the Fitbit Aria Wi-fi Smart Scale since I got the Fitbit almost a year ago. At first I told myself I needed to work out continuously for one month then I could get the scale as a reward... that didn't quite workout :) I finally caved and bought the scale last month. Amazingly since I've had it I've worked out continuously! I guess I really just needed to see the numbers as a daily reminder to stay fit. The scale not only looks slick, it uploads my weight automatically to my account online so I can track my weight and body fat.

Tap Dance Like No One is Watching

Princess - Dachshund & Terrier Mix
Princess - April 2013 Dog of the Month Congrats to Princess the April 2013 Dog of the Month! Princess is a frisky, inquisitive, and loving puppy. If you think your dog deserves to be Dog of the Month send a photo and story to
[email protected]. The winner will receive an award certificate and $10 gift card to the nearest pet store.

Love Hate POETRY
Here's a special poetry contribution I'd like to share:

Train 266 Limited
- By Nicole Woodson -
The foreboding movement through the litter speckled overgrown blur of dimming sunlight.
Droplet trails forming on the ever darkening glass, that is slowly revealing a pale face.
A face that seems un-recognizable.
Torn, ravaged, and worried.
The color is melting away as fast as the sinking daylight.
The ghostly apparition in the glass becomes more and more defined...
The man made propelling hunk of steel carries both I and the figure in the glass, hurling us through the world un-aware of the next step.
I envy the creature in the glass...
she will remain on the forward bound motion, as for myself...
I will be stepping off into uncertainty.

For more poetry or to submit your own poetry visit my poetry website @

Allison Torneros
Artist Allison Torneros is a mixed media painter and graphic designer based in Los Angeles (originally from San Francisco). Her artwork speaks for itself! Check out her website or visit her Facebook page for more...

Artist Allison Torneros

Troup is a Classic Rock & Indie Pop band based in Los Angeles. They played for a friend's Birthday party recently and rocked it! If you're looking for some new tunes check out their album Last Chance for Romance available on iTunes. Their song Mona Lisa was one of my favorites.


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