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Spring into Action
I Heart Bunnies Monday -- April 30, 2012
April has been quite a busy month. My daily tasks keep multiplying like rabbits :) I was so busy I almost forgot it was Easter! Luckily a friend put together an amazing dinner and dessert to celebrate the occasion. I even got to decorate a hardboiled egg.

ALL WORK and Some Play
Reebok Stability Ball Kit
Reebok Stability BallWith my busy schedule it's hard to find time for exercise. I also eat way too many snacks throughout the day to keep my energy level up. As a quick solution I started swapping out my office chair for a sand-filled body ball. It's great for building muscle and tons of fun!

Experience iCLOUD
Mac OS X Lion
Mac OS X Lion In order to experience iCloud you have to have the most recent Mac operating system, Mac OS X Lion. After reading all the horrible reviews online I was hesitant to make the switch. My biggest concern was how the upgrade would affect Adobe Creative Suite. I finally caved in and decided to make the leap. The upgrade was only $29.99 and can be applied to any of your personal Macs with a single purchase. Thankfully the upgrade went smoothly and I haven't run into any issues.

GPS Navigator FREE APP!
TeleNav for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry
TeleNav GPS Navigator Considering I hardly drive more than a 10 mile radius I don't typically rely on GPS for travel. I've tried using a couple different GPS apps that claim to be free with no success. I recently found the TeleNav GPS Navigator app and surprisingly the free version is perfect for my needs. There isn't any voice instruction but there is a beep that sounds before your next turn which is nice. If you're looking for a GPS app and don't want to pay monthly or yearly you should check it out (it's available for the Android, iPhone and BlackBerry).

Cutest Bunny Ever
A co-worker sent me a link to and I just can't get enough of all the cute little creatures! In the spirit of Easter check out the cutest little bunny rabbit ever :)

Cutest Bunny Ever

Hoopnotica Demo
As you may recall I've been practicing Hoopnotica in an attempt to become the greatest hoola hooper in Marina del Rey ;) I stumbled across a Hooping Demo by Funtown Productions and simply had to share. Click on the image below to check it out!

Hooping Demo - Funtown Productions

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